The Certified Care Transitions Team program allows leadership teams to complete a brief online independent study course as a team. Once your leadership team completes this 3-4 hour course, your organization will stand-out from the competition as your team will have a much deeper understanding of how to most appropriately address care transitions and issues across the continuum, as well as position your organization as the preferred provider in your local community. Complete at your own pace, the Certification is a great exercise for retreats or training sessions, or the suggested readings could be done independently prior to conducting a two hour group session to complete the team requirements. This program also includes 4.0 CEU or CME contact hours for up to three licensed individuals at no extra cost.

Upon completion your team will receive a certificate that can be posted in your office, a press release you can complete to issue locally, and a Certification Seal that can be included on your business cards, website, email signature and brochures.

The initials listed after your team members names once completing this certification are: CCTF (Certified Care Transitions Fellow).

Module 1 Transitional Care Introduction
Unit 1 Transitional Care Certification Introduction  
Module 2 Readmission Prevention
Unit 1 Video, Slides and Competency Exam - Readmission Prevention  
Module 3 Bundled payments
Unit 1 Bundled Payments  
Module 4 Transitional Care Management
Unit 1 Transitional care  
Module 5 Transitional Care Certification
Unit 1 Transitional Care Certification Conclusion  
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